Who We Are

We are a medium size company that has a history in Finance and Technology. Our vision is to deliver premier services to our Clients and contribute to the South African economy.

Finance & IT

Our background in Engineering and IT makes us well suited to deliver and provide advisory services. We work with our customers to find solutions that best suit budget and delivery.


Our engineers are constantly pushing the boundaries to keep abreast with both emerging and existing technology. We can assist whether it’s for your Legacy Technology or Early Adoption Technology.


Our team of engineers are constantly experimenting with new technology. Speak to our team if you require any research in a specific area in your company.


Our shareholders have recognized the need to align to a journey to meet South African B-BEE objectives. Our company is a B-BEE Level 1 company. We are Black Female owned.

What We Do

We offer both Financial Services and Technology Consulting.

Financial Services

At Vantegic, we understand the importance of accurate and precise accounting records. Accurate financial information keeps your business running smoothly and is key to sustaining your business well into the future. Our highly skilled and experienced group of accountants will take care of all your day to day accounting tasks, including tax submissions, monthly reporting and annual financial statements.

Engineering & IT Resources

The market for competent technical candidates is competitive. The demand for skilled resource augmentation to enable short cycles of delivery is consistently on the rise for businesses to be nimble. Vantegic Solutions offer a range of Engineering and IT consultants tailored to your term and needs. Let us take the pain of getting the right resources for your projects!

Software Delivery

Vantegic have access to range of Front End and Back End Developers. These include Scripting and Application Engineers to assist customers with their Software Engineering Delivery. Vantegic engineers are experienced with industry delivery and methodology life cycles.


Vantegic facilitates customers on transactions and programs relating to BEE transformation to enable with Job Creation, Entrepreneurship and Equity.

Our Competency Spread

What is our company composition.


Financial Services


Technical Resources


Software Delivery




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Vantegic Solutions
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